An online workshop simulation to build awareness of users regarding cybersecurity

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10 persons
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ARTEMIS business simulation
is a novelty on the market

It has been created in response to local and international clients’ needs.

It is an interactive workshop built on real-life “User Security Awareness” scenarios as far as information protection is concerned. It enables learning through experience and widely shows the protection as well as detection and liquidation mechanisms. It is directed at technical security aspects as well as the importance of human factor.

The participants, assuming the roles of hackers, go through various scenarios, take individual decisions and determine the strategy in order to successfully gain key information regarding the organization which is being attacked.

The results of the simulation regarding security are discussed both from the organization’s and employee’s perspective.


Daniel Krasnokucki

Cybersecurity Expert

He is professionally involved in security of application, programming, pen tests and cybersecurity in general. Over the years he has gained experience in numerous projects in Poland, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA working for such companies as Diebold Nixdorf, Herbalife, Equinix and numerous universities

He is currently a leader of a team responsible for architecture, implementation, audit and security automatization for application, local infrastructure and cloud.

He holds a number of security and project management related certificates, and since 2013 he has been conducting workshops, trainings and practical classes on programming, application security as well as soft skills.

He willingly shares his practical knowledge and conclusions based on real-life cases and projects. He constantly develops his language skills by working in an English-speaking team every day

He is a member of ISC2 and OWASP; in 2020 is has an honour to be the OWASP Poland Leader.

His favourite pastime is soccer, volleyball, board games and skiing.

The participant’s profile

  • The simulation is for everyone - from junior up to management level
  • It is both for technical and non-technical people – thus we assure the combination of two types of perception

Simulation’s application

  • Fun and integration for teams
  • Education of employees in terms of building awareness about threats in cyberspace (especially now in the time of remote work),
  • Estimation of awareness and actual understanding of cybersecurity issues that the employees have,
  • Estimation of hackers’ attack risk,
  • Estimation of actual level of the organization’s protection against cybercriminals,
  • Building effective systems of the organization’s protection,
  • Tecognizing the most and least valuable elements of the organization,
  • Tmplementing and updating the security policies

Advantages for employees and organization

  • The simulation is for everyone – you need no prior knowledge about cybersecurity to take part in it,
  • Participation of technical and non-technical persons assures both types of perception
  • The participants of the simulation will understand threats of cyberspace and will find out what to pay attention to in order to protect themselves from those threats (especially now in the time of remote work)
  • Thanks to the game mechanism, learning through experiencing is pleasant and very attractive for participants,
  • The participants are engaged in the realization of tasks, willingly discuss the conclusions, co-operate, create strategy to achieve the team’s goal or compete with one another
  • The company will gain information about its strongest and weakest elements as far as security is concerned,
  • The organization will make sure that its employees are aware of what to pay attention to in order not to lower the expected level of the organization’s cybersecurity (especially now in the time of the remote work),
  • The organization can implement or update the security policies knowing that its elements will be understood by its employees,
  • The company will effectively build and implement the protection systems of the organization


  • REALIZATION: online
  • NO OF PARTICIPANTS: 10 persons
  • DURATION: 6h
    • Kick off - 30 – 40 minutes
    • Break – 15 minutes
    • Simulation – introduction - 30 minutes
    • Simulation – game - minimum 2 rounds (after 1 round - lunch break - 30 minutes)
    • Feedbacks – 1h
  • Realization of simulation (options):
    • Zoom (for communication) + simulation platform
    • MS Teams + simulation platform
    • Cold call + simulation platform


Why is ours exceptional?

Each company has its story. Why is ours exceptional?

…. because it is created by people whose mission is to support clients in strengthening their competences and development of their employees.

Our company acts in an agile business model, and thanks to our professional experience we are constantly up to date with all the latest trends on the market. We have a trainers’ team of over 500 experts, who have hands-on experience and share their knowledge, conclusions and examples.

We create dedicated workshops and build solutions adjusted to our clients’ real needs. Sometimes we reach for innovative and creative solutions, whose aim is to make the trainings more effective, at other times we enrich catalogue-based trainings with examples and exercises which the participants feel more comfortable with.

We specialize in the following areas: IT, Security (business as well as cybersecurity), Improvement of Competences (soft skills), Industry 4.0. and Integration (events).


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